We provide solutions for facilities that are responsible for people’s health and safety.

PharmaLife LTC understands the challenges that correctional facilities face on a daily basis. Despite budget cuts, staff turnover, and issues with overcrowding, correctional facilities remain responsible for ensuring the provision of appropriate medical care. It is vital that each facility partners with a pharmacy vendor who has the experience and ability to help address these challenges while maintaining standards related to the mandated provision of medical care.

Some of the solutions that we offer include:

  • Dispensing cycles which are customized to the needs of each facility
  • Comprehensive, complimentary formulary management with a focus on evidence-based, cost-effective therapies
  • eMAR (RightMAR) implementation or integration with existing eMAR / EHR
  • Ward stock/emergency drug kits
  • KOP medications based on facility / patient / drug-specific parameters
  • Next-day (Mon-Sat), AM delivery of routine orders to most locations nationwide (where applicable)
  • Credits on reclaimed medications (where allowed by state regulations)

PharmaLife LTC is proud to adhere to NCCHC standards of medication management. We operate with the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, and quality assurance possible. For more information about how we can meet your facility’s needs, please contact us.