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Retail Pharmacy Services

Retail Pharmacy ServicesPharmaLife® is a pharmacy chain offering a full line of pharmaceutical services to customers. Our goal is to be a successful chain of friendly neighborhood drugstores offering extraordinary customer service. Since our opening day, we continue to work very hard to bring you the kind of services that put health and well-being first. Whether it is answering questions about your prescriptions or offering free-delivery solutions, our employees are always available to serve you. We have always tried to distinguish ourselves from other pharmacies and pharmacy chains by providing additional services while maintaining the highest level of care with our clients. Our focus is on providing highest possible level of customer service while using our technological “know-how” to virtually eliminate errors and omissions that are still present in this industry.

The services and commitments that we stand by and provide are:

  • Your new prescriptions will always be filled with the utmost care and attention while our state-of-the-art computer system checks patient’s profile for possible drug interactions
  • Your prescription refill will always be ready as promised and delivered to you the same day
  • Our pharmacists are available for any kind of healthcare related consultation
  • Our bi-lingual employees will be able to consult you on your healthcare needs in your native language
  • Our state-of-of the-art computer software system is able to provide you information about your medication in 25 languages
  • Our proprietary logistics system allows us to provide free delivery services to patients who are in need of delivery and cannot get to the pharmacy on their own
  • All of our stores carry a full line of durable medical equipment ranging from knee supports to power wheelchairs and oxygen
  • All of our durable medical equipment will be delivered to you by our expert technicians and free of charge. Our staff can also file the paperwork with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Our stores are accredited by The Compliance Team, Inc. Exemplary Provider Accreditation Program for DMEPOS
  • Always offer services with dignity and respect
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Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities Pharmaceutical Solutions

Retail Pharmacy Services PharmaLife® Pharmacy offers a wide variety of solutions to the Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities.

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full range of pharmacy services to assist nursing facilities staff with the prescription administration
  • Full drug utilization review of all the medicines that the patient is taking
  • Printed monographs carrying full information about the medicine in multilingual format
  • Blister-packing
  • Bubble-packing
  • Ability to generate any report about patient‘s pharmacy information
  • Acceptance of most Third Party Plans and state programs as well
  • Full range of staffing solutions
  • Healthcare Staffing (RN's, LPN's, etc...)
  • IT staffing
  • IT solutions
  • Automation services
  • Full line of durable medical equipment
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PharmaLife® is committed to providing customers the support, programs and merchandise they need to make every day a little easier and healthier
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Our stores are located in
Florida, Georgia, Ohio
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Retail Pharmacy Services PharmaLife® offers a broad spectrum of durable medical equipment. We are fully accredited by The Compliance Team, Inc. to offer durable medical equipment to patients on Medicare/Medicaid as well as accept assignment on their behalf. We are also able to provide total durable medical solutions to ALF's, hospices, and nursing homes at the best prices available on the market.

Our services and standards include:

  • Free of charge delivery of the equipment
  • Complete setup of equipment
  • Educating and training recipients as well as employees
  • All the equipment delivered is brand new
  • All the equipment carries a full manufacturer's warranty
  • An additional warranty that is provided through our company
  • A full line of products ranging from orthotics and diabetic footwear to power wheelchairs, hospital beds, oxygen, and much more
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